The project doesn't start with an idea. The project starts with people

It is important to realize what is hidden inside: joy, confidence, hopes, dreams, character and qualities of a person allow you to create the impossible and unique only for him.

Everyone's individuality is reflected in my projects. People motivate me to implement ideas, to work for them every day. The soul and psychology are paramount. I have completed more than 400 architectural and interior projects in different styles: private residences and apartments, restaurants and offices, boutiques, night clubs, beauty salons, medical clinics, and exhibition halls. All of them are located in different countries and cities from the USA to the OAU, from South Africa to Russia. New York, Miami, Berlin, Milan, Paris, London, Basel, Vienna, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kiev, Dubai…

Everyone's individuality is reflected in my projects

The impossibility of free movement helps me find extraordinary solutions that form the basis of the project and make it unique. Each person is unique and therefore each design must be individual, it must fit and match the one for whom it is created. This is my philosophy, my professional position

This is my philosophy, my professional position

Architectural Design

It’s easy to forget that architecture is as much about creating structure as it is about creating s p a c e and giving shape to energetic flows. Keeping some energies [in] and letting other energies out. Directing movement and attention ← to or from → {people} or (objects).I help my clients turn the pulse of an idea into the heartbeat of an architectural vision - and bring that vision to life.

Object Design

Nothing is left behind in my design vision: we begin with blueprints and we finish with forks and knives. The objects I design are exclusively custom pieces,
each made with a mission in mind – to create something new, unique, and inimitable
within the rigid framework of reality – of a client’s wishes or a city’s laws, of a landscape or a budget…

I relish constraints because they inspire extraordinary solutions. What’s next - a chair for browsing watches? a couch for sampling black caviar?
I think of aesthetics, but also of synesthetics - subordinating materials to produce complex, unforgettable sensory experiences.

We can define an environment by its constraints, but we must express ourselves through its possibilities. I don’t respect the environment by fitting in – I respect its power by defying it, creating objects that announce the extraordinary and all too fragile human presence.

Interior Design

When we design an interior, what we really have in mind is a time machine. We want to live in a place that lets us go in the morning, and welcomes us back at night. So when we go out, we say we’re leaving the house,
but when we return, we say we’re coming home.

And we love going into that store - the one that knows exactly where and when it is -
in adolescence or in outer space - and making a purchase as if it’s a souvenir
from a parallel universe.

Time travel helps us not only accept, but enjoy the thought that we only live once - which is what I really have in mind when we design an interior.